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MUM Board of Trustees

About the Trustees

The original University catalog stated that the success of the University:

“. . . will be measured by its direct and indirect effects on the quality of life everywhere. We will count ourselves successful only when the problems of today’s world are substantially reduced and eventually eliminated and the educational institutions of every country are capable of producing fully developed citizens.”

The Board of Trustees of Maharishi International University remains committed to this ambitious and global vision. In the most recent academic year, students from 88 countries were enrolled, a new record. We are expanding our international collaborations, online education offerings, and service programs.

The Board also recognizes we must “think globally and act locally.” Every enrolled student is precious. We take seriously our obligations to provide not only the unique benefits of Consciousness-Based education, but academic rigor, real-world training, and a life-supporting learning environment. The Board works closely with faculty and administration, constantly refining our curriculum and teaching, and improving the campus.

The Trustees of the University are honored and humbled to be entrusted with its responsibilities:

  • to uphold the University’s mission and purposes, and approve strategies, programs and policies to fulfill that mission,
  • to ensure the University’s financial well-being and strength,
  • to represent and promote the University publicly and privately, and
  • to exercise oversight of University programs and University performance.

The Board welcomes your ideas. Please feel free to contact any Trustee directly, or the Board through the Board Secretary, Susan Tracy, at stracy@miu.edu.


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